Reason why your TV picture will break up

One of the many reasons why you would call out a TV Aerial Fitter is because the television picture is breaking up, freezing or there is a message on screen saying the dreaded “No Signal”. The problem often starts with the picture having a glitch every now and then. This then develops into the whole picture freezing and breaking up with a sharp screeching sound. It amazes me how long people put up with this and often get used to it, living with this poor reception for quit a while even years.

When I come to a house where the TV is playing up like this I can usually tell with in a few minutes why the aerial reception is so bad. The main suspects are

  1. water in the antenna. This is where water has got into where the coax cable connects to the Antenna by its copper core and copper braiding. When inspecting this it will have rust and oxidization and many times water will be present.
  2. Water in the coax cable. This usually follows water in the aerial head, but can also be due to the outer sheath being warn away allowing rain to enter into the cable causing a short and affecting the signal. This can also be seen if in bad cases, the water will be dripping out of the end of the cable where the coax plug connects to the TV.
  3. Trees. Over time trees can block the signal or severely reducing the strength of the signal being received.

Water is the usual cause of a poor signal, and unless there is an amplifier to boost the signal such as a masthead amp it will need a complete replacement since the aerial and cable cannot be repaired. Depending on the type of TV Aerial being installed, a typical cheap aerial may not last more than a year, whereas a quality TV Aerial such as a log periodic antenna may last for over a decade.

DIY TV Aerial Installation

Installing a TV aerial is a relatively simple undertaking. So, where to begin? Firstly you will need to make sure that you can safely carry out the installation. If the TV Aerial is going to be installed on the outside of your property, then ask yourself can I really get this do in a safe way? If there is any doubt then I would seriously recommend that you call a qualified Aerial Installer to do the job, because falling off a ladder or even a roof is a life changing and potentially life ending experience.

If you are confident that you can safely fit the aerial then by all means go for it. Typically you will know which way to point the aerial because you will usually see which way your neighbours aerials are pointing and which way round they are fixed. There are a couple of ways to carry out an aerial installation on the outside of the property, either using a stand off bracket that is bolted to the wall or chimney stack & the other is by using a lashing kit. A lashing kit is where a piece of wire cable is lashed around the chimney stack, that connects with a corner bracket. The corner bracket is where the aerial mast is bolted with a couple of v-bolts.

I prefer to use a stand off bracket on chimney stacks because I don’t like having to reach around the stack which means stepping off my roof ladder. For me, drilling into the brickwork is an easier and safer option, it is also quicker. Once the bracket is secure, it is time to attach a the mast, but not before you have attached the TV Aerial to the mast. You do this before mounting it on the bracket, as it is more difficult to do once the mast is on the bracket whilst you are up a ladder. Once the aerial is secure on the bracket you would connect the cable to the aerial, and keep the cable loose so that you can carry the aerial that’s attached to the mast up the ladder so that can be installed on the bracket.

Getting the most out of your Digital Aerial Installer

This may seem a strange topic but trust me it’ll make sense as you begin to read. People will go out and spend upwards of £1000 on a new flat screen LED 3D Television, then they’ll spend another £3-400 on a sound bar, then with near to no experience go and attempt to fix their new Flat screen TV to the wall with some cheap TV bracket bought at Tesco. I have been called out to a few of these disasters in my time as a TV engineer and they are never a pretty site. http://www.wikihow.com/Wall-Mount-a-Plasma-TV

The usual scene being a wall with upwards of 15 to 20 holes in the area of the wall where they had attempted the mount the TV Bracket. The kind of wall that usually catches out the DIY enthusiast is a stud wall or partition  wall. This can at first seem upon fixing to these kind of walls a good fix, but over a short amount of time the weight of the TV pulls the plugs & screws out of the wall and you are left with the expensive Television in a heap on the floor, not very nice. Best use a qualified digital TV Aerial Installer for this job, such as www.digitec-aerials.co.uk

holl in wall after tv falls off

So if you are finding yourself in the position of needing to wall mount your TV, but are having second thoughts, which I imagine you are now, the question is who to turn to. Well it may surprise you to know that the experts in Lancaster is this TV aerial installer Lancaster who are very good at this kind of wok. As part of their occupation wall hanging a TV kind make up a good proportion of their work. As well as satellite dish alignment, satellite installation for systems such as Sky HD or Freesat & along with TV Aerial Installation & Aerial repairs or fitting extra TV points, they also carry out TV wall mounting. They will usually bring to the job a good quality bracket with which they know how to install.

As well as this they may need to extend your satellite or aerial cables as they are usually setup in the corner of most rooms. If the TV is going in a new extension, the you may require a new Aerial point or extra feed from your Sky dish. This they will carry out at the same time, both professionally installing both your TV and providing a new Aerial Installation to that point in your home. Check out a nice site I came across when looking for my niece who lives in Kendal. I found this TV Aerial Installer Kendal who had a good description of the services we were after. Before you ask, why didn’t I offer to do it, it’s because I live about 2 hours drive from Kendal. However, if I can recommend a guy go to this site and see what you think!


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